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She Walks By Moonlight

...no one really knows...

Valkyrie Prescott Callahan
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Valkyrie Prescott Callahan

The daughter of a British Scotland Yard detective and his American wife, at birth she was christened Valkyrie in honor of her mother's love of Nordic mythology. The youngest of two children, everything she learned about violence she learned at a very early age...and all from her level-headed father, a corrupt detective with the NYPD. Not her mother, her sister, or a diagnosis of diabetes at the age of seven could spare her from her father's belt, and the numerous hospital visits she endured when her wounds were slow to heal.

Nigel Prescott's violent tendencies eventually resulted in the murder of his wife, a murder both of his children witnessed. Both girls testified against their father and later became wards of the state. Briefly, they remained together in a group home until Valkyrie's constant acting out resulted in their separation. Placed in a short term facility with a woman named Felicia Callahan, Valkyrie eventually turned her life around and was adopted by her caretaker, gaining both a new mother and older brother named Cain.

Her happiness was short-lived when Felicia died in a drive-by shooting just a couple of years after her adoption. Raised and protected by Cain, she eventually went on to graduate from the police academy with honors, and currently serves as a member of the NYPD's Organized Crimes division.
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CALLAHAN (dead): Valkyrie and her two brothers set in the Supernatural verse. She's involved with werewolf Max Carter, prone to spending long stretches in his hometown of Corpus Christi, and has a great deal of extended family in the form of sisters and an uncle, thanks to her biological father's philandering.

OFFICER KEEKS: Felicia Callahan never died. Valkyrie went on to join the Detroit PD, and lives at home with her mother, where her two brothers are constant visitors. Currently, she's seeing her best friend's older brother, and getting her feet wet in the dating pool.

FAMILY LEGACY: Valkyrie grew up with her older sister in New York, and went on to join the NYPD. Currently, she's building a case in her division against a couple of major crime families, and using information from her best source to do so...her older brother, Cain.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FICTION/RP JOURNAL. Not Valkyrie Callahan, not Evangeline Lily. Evie belongs to herself, and Valkyrie is MINE, so don't steal. 'Kay? :P

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